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The Prophetic Day

September 20, 2014
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
London / Sheffield

Quran Academy presents

The Prophetic Day | LONDON

An Ordinary Day in the Extraordinary Life of Muhammad (SAW)

Taught by: Ustadh Ahmad Saleem 

Ever wondered what was the daily schedule of Prophet (SAW)?
Ever asked yourself when did the both of Prophet (SAW) teaching took place?
In the absence of weekly halaqas and grandeur conferences, how did Prophet (SAW) spread the message of Islam?

To answer all these questions and many more join us in a single day intensive course  where the aim is not a mere narration of the narrative but to live with the Prophet (SAW) from his waking through to sleeping moments. 

To walk with Him in the markets of Medina.

To eat with him as the Companions ate.

To hear him speak as a teacher and a worshiper.

To enter with Him in His home to witness the loftiest of characters

So join us to explore a simple day of an extraordinary person asa prophethumanleaderfathergrandfatherhusband and a friend

9.30am registration for a prompt 10am start. Finish 6pm.

Venue TBC. 

COURSE ENTRY includes workbook 

Tickets will be available on the door but will cost £25

For more details contact: London 07852 238 463 / Sheffield 07954 135 686


About the speaker

Ustadh Ahmad Saleem’s quest for Islamic Knowledge began at the age of 13 when he was introduced to various sciences of Islam. In 2008 he studied the majority of the Qur’an with Tafseer and root word analysis. He then moved to Edmonton (Canada) where he became one of the most sought out khateebs. His quest for knowledge took him to the middle east where he is currently pursuing classical Islamic studies in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

Moreover, Ustadh Ahmad also works in the field of personal development and motivation. He is a certified trainer for international companies such as Crestcom and Huthwaite and makes frequent trips to Dubai where he is completing his MBA.

Ustadh Ahmad’s ability to relate to the problems of an average Muslim & youth and bring sound Islamic & practical advice is making him a sought out speaker in the East and the West. He is very active with his dawah on social media including YouTube, where he is featured on some of the top Muslim YouTube channels including Huda TVAlHuda Institute, Merciful Servant and The Daily Reminder


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